We are a team of selected experts! That is put together by us or you.

Who We Are?

Walk or run Pargasloppet (10,6 Km), The first Sunday in October at 12! We will pay our customers’ start fee and thereby support PIF! Please, contact us for more details!

Our mission

Our mission is to help you to perform better

Core Values

Values are important

We are a team of selected experts! That is put together by us or you!

Dr (Åbo Akademi), MA (Univ. of Kansas), Capt. Anders Kjellman is since 2001 the CEO of AKC. He has worked in banking and finance e.g. Chairman at European Investment Bank concerning the activities in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and with finance and ERP in the Ministry of Finance, BIC, Logica and the Town of Pargas. Curreltly he is also working as Head Lecturer at Åland University of Applied Sciences.

Honorary Judge, Ltn. Sven-Erik Kjellman was a long-term Board Member of AKC (2001-2018) and he was the CEO of Kvevlax Savings bank (1961-2001). During the 1990s depression in Finland he introduced Capital Investment Loans and new legislation as a way of bank reconstruction and managed to save some of the Savings banks and Aktia.

M.Sc. Rebecka Kjellman was a Board Member of AKC (2018-28.2.2024) before she strated to work for KPMG.  She has study finance at the National University of Taiwan, and Hanken. She has despite her age been working and gathering experience from several investment companies and consulting firms.