and why us?

Good governance

Disruptive innovations, RED TEAMS and lean management

Red teams are put up, in order to internally and for the board,  to have better information concerning if they are using the right technology, investigate competitors and assess market development. We would love to be part of your red team. Lean managements can be described as constant improvement. Why? How it is done and maintained is what we can help you with. Start with the obvious why?

Our investments

We believe IN - and partly own - these firms

We are all in (the stock market) or fully invested in 2021-2. Because we look at the raising global inflation, the negative interest rates and note that we hopefully have picked the right shares. Nordic engineering capability and Dovre Group are our favorites 


To work for you or as aN Objective partner?

We can work as hired by you or as an external consultant. Either you or we gather the team. We can work for a salary, commission or success fee? That is up to you